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Integrity Dating

How to Date Consciously
Attract a Heart Centered Partner
and Awaken Love Within 

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"Integrity Dating shifted my paradigm of love and made me realize that I sacrificed myself in relationships and was looking for love in all the wrong places."

Kat Neumann

"I found Integrity Dating to be very illuminating and valuable. I was able to dig deep into what exactly I'm looking for and the obstacles that are keeping me from the relationship of my dreams."

Karen Saltus

"Thanks to this course I discovered how important it is to set my boundaries in my relationship and to love myself before I can love anybody else."


"The more I advance in the modules, the more I feel that I am destroying my walls and resistances…and sometimes I discover a few that I never imagined. "


"This course is Transformative. If you have built walls around you, this course will help you dismantle them and be stronger because of it. "

Jen Kaur

"I really love all the exercises, every day after doing them I feel that I release my blocked energy. "


"This course helped me become more conscious and has changed how I relate to my partner. It helped me rebuild our relationship, deepen our connection, and showed me how to communicate from my heart and express my feelings."

Kam Lalit

Integrity Dating is a refreshing approach to dating. It’s a movement that approaches love from the inside-out. It’s where personal growth meets the dating world. Integrity Dating is a 3 Step Process.

Discover Yourself

Step 1

Using the 7 Integrity Dating Pillars you go deep into your mindset, beliefs, and values to uncover what truly matters to you and who you really are.

Transform Yourself

Step 2

Transformational exercises that help you heal your heart, expand your mind, raise your frequency, and clear blocks that are holding you back from love.

Become Yourself

Step 3

Step into your power and become your best self! You are ready to Integrity Date and create a soulful, passionate, and extraordinary relationship.

In order to find a soul mate and a true union of love, Integrity Dating believes one must first be in integrity with themselves and then approach dating with transparency, authenticity, and intentionality.

I’m Neelam, the Founder of Integrity Dating.

I believe the only thing that can truly fulfill us is Love. After years of experimenting and exploring Love, I have found a better, more authentic way to connect and date.

My intention is to help you create a meaningful, soulful, and loving relationship with yourself and others. Before we seek that outside of ourself we must first heal and clear the space within to call it into our lives.

Integrity DatingTM was created from my own 'journey back to myself' after I experienced a deep heartbreak and a near-death experience.

I'm excited to announce the launch of the 8 week Integrity DatingTM Course. This Course will help you move in the direction of love and inspire a transformational journey back to yourself. Click below to learn more about the Course. 

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To be in Integrity means to be whole and complete within one’s self, and to be in alignment with one’s own truth.

Integrity DatingTM is a values approach to dating. Instead of choosing a partner based on photos and swipes, you choose based on your life stage, values, connection, and communication. But first, you go through your own personal growth journey to discover who you really are and what you truly want. The 7 Integrity Dating Pillars help prepare you to date consciously, with practical exercises that help you transform from the inside out and attract like-minded people of a similar vibration.

If you are tired of being alone and disheartened with the current dating scene it’s time to try something new, something that feels good and helps you grow and become the best version of yourself. Integrity Dating can show you how to change the dating game by moving from being entertained… to being loved.









 “Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”




Welcome to Integrity Dating

Join conscious singles from around the world and transform your love life forever! Learn how to Date Consciously, Connect with Heart Centered Partners and Awaken Love Within!


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