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 Neelam's Story

Neelam Verma is an international TV Presenter, former Miss Canada, and a Miss Universe Finalist. She worked with leading TV networks around the world including CNN, ESPN, and Discovery Channel. She conducted hundreds of interviews with newsmakers, celebrities, New York Times authors, professional athletes, and spiritual leaders.

After experiencing deep heartbreak and a near-death experience she realized that the purpose of life is Love. She stepped away from her media career to focus on healing her heart and went on an extraordinary journey around the world which became “a journey back to herself” and “a journey back to self-love”.

For 2 years she learned from leading minds on the planet about love, communication, energy, happiness, and mindset. From Esther Perel, Joe Dispenza, and Tony Robbins, to Monks, Shamanic Healers, and Plant Medicine… her journey was profound and deep.

When she was ready to re-enter the dating world she realized that she had transformed but the dating world had not. She was ready for something meaningful and committed but online dating felt like a buffet of endless options that left her feeling overwhelmed and hungering for a real connection.

Integrity DatingTM was created from Neelam’s deep desire to share what she had learned on her transformational journey, and to create a global movement in conscious dating. Her mission is to help 1 million people step into Love by guiding them on how to get into integrity and love themselves first so they can date consciously and create conscious relationships.

Although she is a graduate from a leading Canadian Business School, Neelam lists her educational accomplishments as having a Bachelor in Heartbreak, a Master in Relationships, and a Ph.D. in Healing from the School of Life!

Her Journey












"Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there."