Our mission is to create a global movement in conscious dating. We connect amazing singles from around the world and guide you on how to date consciously. 


  • Neelam will be speaking live at Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia on Monday July 18th at 11am. 
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5 Shifts to Change Your Dating Game From Being Entertained To Being Loved

These are simple yet powerful shifts that will show you that:

  • love is an inside-out job.
  • it's not about seeking the one, it's about becoming the one.
  • you are responsible for who you attract into your life.


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About Integrity Dating

Integrity Dating is a 3-step process where you discover, transform, and become your best self, so you can date from a place of alignment and integrity.

If you are tired of the dating scene, done with attracting the wrong kind of partners, and if your relationships have not been working - it’s time to stop looking outside of yourself and start looking within.

Integrity Dating takes you on a transformative journey back to yourself and teaches you how to date consciously and attract heart-centered partners. Not only does it set you up for an extraordinary relationship with others… it sets you up for an extraordinary relationship with yourself.  

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