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Integrity Dating is honored to help clients all around the world transform and get real results in their love lives. If you are ready to invest in yourself and change your dating game forever we invite you to join the course, it's a life-changing journey. We are on a mission to spread a conscious approach to dating and help restore Integrity to love and relationships. 

"There are many books and classes on how to find your dream partner.  There are scripts on what to say or what to text to make a person fall in love with you. These techniques and tricks can only take you so far because they are focused outside of the self. Integrity dating is the first program I have experienced that addresses the real issue, who you really are. The Integrity Dating process gets to the core of who you really are, and who you want to become to attract the perfect person for you. Neelam has crafted a beautiful program to help you uncover your authentic self.  As you go on the journey you learn to forgive yourself and others.  You learn to communicate who you are and what you really want. If you’re tired of gimmicks and tricks and you’re ready to attract your authentic partner, Integrity Dating is for you." 

S.Brown, Legal Executive, USA

"I was a bit skeptical at first but I could feel that the message of this program is true. And then I decided to start the program and I was pleasantly surprised with its content. Honestly, this program knows exactly where to work in order to make more sense of our chaotic love life. And the really important part is the Soul Session. This is where the epiphanies happen, where you have those « Aha » moments. This is also where you can see that Neelam is really invested in this. This program is to be put in the hands of every man, every woman, every human being who desires real human connection with another soul. It is nothing compared to what you’ve seen, heard, or watch up until now." 

Loic, Architect, Reunion Island

Here's what Experts are saying...

“Integrity Dating is a dynamic, life changing, and results-oriented program. Neelam’s 7-pillar foundation to inner transformation will provide you with the understanding, confidence, and tools you need to enhance every relationship in your life, including the most important relationship you will ever have… the relationship with yourself! After taking the Integrity Dating journey and becoming the best version of yourself, you will be able to navigate the dating landscape and create the rich, rewarding love life that you’ve always dreamed of and deserve!"  

Susan Blackburn, Psychologist, Author, Relationship Coach, Canada

"After 5 years of growing up and attending many seminars and courses, I was still confused about my dating status, but when I started Integrity Dating every week with each Module my path got more clear. I could feel and see how my energy was changing. I highly recommend this course if you don't have a crystal clear idea about dating. The Soul Sessions with Neelam are super helpful, and she has amazing peaceful energy to help you find your way. This course saved my time and energy in dating and I can say it was definitely my best investment in 2021!"

Marzieh, Germany

"Thank you Neelam for this amazing journey, great wisdom, true connection, authenticity, and integrity. You gave me hope and the strength to ask for what I truly want and deserve and not be ashamed of doing so. Although I did and still am continuously doing personal growth work, I found this course so valuable since it is specifically designed for relationships. I loved discovering myself and others and literally seeing the shifts happening before my eyes."  

Almira, Marketing Professional, Switzerland

"I’ve known for a long time that my quest for an authentic relationship is not something that I could get just by setting goals and following steps. I knew that I had to reach deep inside of me and define the kind of relationship that I want, the kind of person I want, and who I have to be to attract that person. Integrity Dating has helped me with that Journey. I can't wait until the pandemic is over so that I can start meeting people and put into practice what I have learned."  

Karen Saltus, Voice Over Artist, USA

THANK YOU Neelam for such a LIFE changing course and journey! The tools and exercises were so valuable and I really looked forward to the Soul Sessions every week. The conscious communication module was eye-opening, very transformative, and really helped shift my mindset!! I feel so very confident after taking the Integrity Course that I will find my love."

Christiana, Digital Sales Executive, USA

"Before joining this course I completely shut myself and my heart after my divorce. I have been single for years and kept telling myself that I will not allow anybody to hurt me and will never look for love again as I was devastated. But after joining the incredible Integrity Dating course I completely transformed myself and now I am ready to receive love and find my life partner. The most important thing I learned was how to turn all my wounds into wisdom and my pain into power."  P. Gandhi, India

"I had refused to consider dating after a divorce in 2016 until I came across Neelam Verma's Integrity Dating Course. I felt something inside me shift and I had an inner knowing that I would benefit from diving into my vulnerability. Going through this experience helped lay the foundation for unconditional self-love, communication, and energy. I am so grateful for this opportunity as I released the part of me that blocked love. I regained my trust in intuition. I see a brighter future with the belief that I am worthy of a deep loving relationship. I highly recommend Integrity Dating for anyone interested in a love that brings joy and fulfillment."

Roxanne, USA

“I have learned so much in the 8 weeks of doing the integrity Dating course compared to other courses I’ve done, they’ve not even touched the surface. This course has been designed to transform people in ways they aren’t expecting. I wish I could put in words how truly eye and heart opening this course was. I found that it really helped me to connect with myself on so many levels. I would highly recommend the Integrity dating course to people of all cultures and religions. The daily tasks not only prepared me for dating more consciously but also gave me a new found confidence based on self love. The course is filled with various tools and insights that  can be used with any relationship, not just dating.  Neelam has been amazing throughout this journey providing support and guidance when needed.”

Asha, Healthcare Professional, United Kingdom

"The integrity dating journey with Neelam was extremely valuable for me. When I started this course, I had already invested a lot of time in personal development and knew many useful tools and approaches to get closer to my best self. Yet, I discovered very powerful exercises in the integrity dating course that I was not yet familiar with. Thanks to the valuable lessons I learned with Neelam, I am now able, for the first time in my life, to take off all my masks and to truly be myself. During the course period I started experiencing what it means to have conscious conversations with other people, and let me tell you, there is nothing more enriching in life than that, especially in such difficult times as we live in now. Thank you very much Neelam for showing me the way." 

Muriel, Researcher, Switzerland

"Neelam, the founder of Integrity Dating is a phenomenal mentor and her journaling exercises are effective. They taught me to shift my mindset from hopeless to hopeful. I used to be scared of falling in love again, but her modules and her Soul Sessions taught me to open my eyes to a better world. The conversations are profound and they expanded my perspective of how I see the world. I really love the power of vulnerability module, she taught me to share my story with the world fearlessly and it gave me the opportunity to resonate with people who share the same core values as me! I highly recommend others to take her course and she is a great mentor!"

Amita, Human Rights Activist, Canada

"The more I advance in the modules, the more I feel that I am destroying my walls and resistances…and sometimes I discover a few that I never imagined. The structure of the program is really top notch (the powerful lessons, the easy to practice exercises, photos, videos, live zoom calls with Neelam, the ability to ask questions on Facebook, and the wonderful souls in the program). I am so grateful to be on this journey.”

Shayna, Mindvalley Student, France 

"Integrity Dating shifted my paradigm of love and made me realize that I sacrificed myself in relationships and was looking for love in all the wrong places. I recommend this course for anyone looking to heal or get into alignment with themselves."

Kat, Lawyer, Canada

"This course is Transformative. If you have built walls around you, this course will help you dismantle them and be stronger because of it." 

Jen, Media Professional, Canada

"Module 1 of the integrity dating course is filled with meaningful lessons inviting one to go deep within, explore and commit to putting oneself first. The lessons no doubt lay the foundations, in shifting the mindset, while setting intentional behavioural changes and standards for showing up each day in our relationships."

Mo Haque, United Kingdom

"Thanks to this course I discovered how important it is to set my boundaries in my relationship and to love myself before I can love anybody else."

Mindvalley Student, India

"This course helped me become more conscious and has changed how I relate to my partner. It helped me rebuild our relationship, deepen our connection, and showed me how to communicate from my heart and express my feelings."

Kam, Program Manager, Canada

Take the 8 week Integrity Dating Journey and transform yourself and your relationships forever.