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In this Master Class You'll Discover...

  • How to completely transform your dating experience by making 5 shifts that will change how you show up in love. Not only will you flip dating on its head, you’ll learn how to get into alignment and attract souls that are looking for a real relationships. 


  • The real problem isn’t the dating scene… it’s something much deeper (that most people don’t talk about). We’ll uncover the truth and set you on a path to get you what you really want.


  • Why you are 100% responsible for the people you have (and have not) attracted in your life, and what you can do to become the hero of your own love story.


  • How my clients are using the power of conscious communication to fearlessly express their truth and ask for what they want (instead of tip-toeing around topics and worrying about being too direct and pushing someone away).


  • And how to date consciously and honor your precious time and energy (and everyone else’s) by being authentic, intentional, and in integrity with yourself.



Presented by Neelam Verma   

Founder, Integrity Dating

Featured on Mindvalley

Here's What People Are Saying about Integrity Dating...


“Integrity Dating is a dynamic, life changing, and results-oriented program. Neelam’s 7-pillar foundation to inner transformation will provide you with the understanding, confidence, and tools you need to enhance every relationship in your life, including the most important relationship you will ever have… the relationship with yourself! After taking the Integrity Dating journey and becoming the best version of yourself, you will be able to navigate the dating landscape and create the rich, rewarding love life that you’ve always dreamed of and deserve!"  Susan Blackburn, Relationship Psychologist, Canada


"I have learned so much in the Integrity Dating course compared to other courses I’ve done, they’ve not even touched the surface. This course has been designed to transform people in ways they aren’t expecting. I would highly recommend the Integrity dating course to people of all cultures and ages. The daily tasks not only prepared me for dating more consciously but also gave me a new found confidence based on self love. The course is filled with various tools and insights that  can be used with any relationship, not just dating.” Asha, UK


"There are many books and classes on how to find your dream partner.  There are scripts on what to say or what to text to make a person fall in love with you.  These techniques and tricks can only take you so far because are focused outside of the self.  Integrity dating is the first program I have experienced that addresses the real issue, who you really are.  The Integrity Dating process gets to the core of who you really are, and who you want to become to attract the perfect person for you. Neelam has crafted a beautiful program to help you uncover your authentic self.  As you go on the journey you learn to forgive yourself and others.  You learn to communicate who you are and what you really want. If you’re tired of gimmicks and tricks & you’re ready to attract your authentic partner, Integrity Dating is for you." S. Brown, USA


"Thank you Neelam for this amazing journey, great wisdom, true connection, and integrity. You gave me hope and the strength to ask for what I truly want and deserve and not be ashamed of doing so. I found this course so valuable since it is specifically designed for relationships. I loved discovering myself and literally seeing the shifts happening before my eyes. It is only the beginning of my Integrity Dating journey, but I already love it and look forward to the beautiful souls, exchanges, and fun I will be having!" Alimira, Switzerland


"This program should be put in the hands of every man, every woman, every human being who desires real human connection with another soul. It is nothing compared to what you’ve seen, heard or watch up until now."  Loic, Reunion Island